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Key Points In This Masterclass:

[04.04] Simon reveals his private results over a recent 12 month period...Click to view

[05.32] Discover how this is different...Click to view

[06.49] Simon makes a bold promise to everyone watching this Masterclass...Click to view

[07.28] Discover the high-value Bonus you’ll get for watching the whole Masterclass...Click to view

[08.34] Find out exactly what “Bot Marketing” is and why it’s set to explode in popularity...Click to view

[09.12] The 3 secrets you’ll learn in this Masterclass...Click to view

[10.03] Find out the 4 types of people this Masterclass training is for...Click to view

[12.21] Watch this part to be clear about your monthly income goal...Click to view

[13.02] Failure. Simon explains how he failed at school and started a low-income job in the 1990s...Click to view

[15.54] The moment Simon decided NEVER to work for anyone again. Discover his early online business results...Click to view

[16.54] Simon shares his private results once his business hit the 7-FIGURE mark...Click to view

[18.11] Exploring WHY you want a successful online business. This is so important...Click to view

[21.05] The BIG IDEA. How the concept of Bot marketing came about and why it relates to Terminator Genisys and to view

[23.25] Introducing Rich, a successful marketer and a friend of Simon’s. He’s also very skeptical about Bots. Simon has a hard time convincing him of the huge money he can make with Bots...Click to view

Key Benefits Of Bots (Includes Demo):

[27.01] What exactly a Bot is and a “conversation flow” is ...Click to view

[27.25] Watch a Demo of one of our Bots on a Website and learn why it works so well...Click to view

[31.51] Discover how that same Bot of ours is fully compatible with Facebook Messenger...Click to view

[36.02] This ONE benefit is why every Website owner desperately needs a Bot to generate LEADS...Click to view

[43.37] Our experiment with Bots. Revealing the effect on Sales & Leads...Click to view

[45.48] The FACTS about Facebook Messenger vs Email and why this comparison = huge money for Bots...Click to view

[50.01] PROOF that Bots are the NEW, BIG “SHIFT” in digital marketing (Sources: Google & Gartner)...Click to view

[53.25] How we developed and perfected our groundbreaking Bot software (the early results were modest but then things dramatically changed)...Click to view

How ConvertoBot Can Make You Money:

[57.23] Case studies from our current customers (includes results like $76,239 in 30 days, and earning £519/hour)...Click to view

[59.29] The fastest way to make $10,000+ a month, without working crazy hours or doing anything complicated...Click to view

[1.02.19] Why business owners are desperate to pay you for Bots...Click to view

[1.05.01] Discover why you don’t need to worry about building the Bots you’ll sell for profit...Click to view

[1.07.34] The real reason why Simon’s delivering this Masterclass and selling ConvertoBot Agency...Click to view

[1.10.47] Simon breaks down exactly how you could 5X your income in the next 5 months with our program...Click to view

[1.12.38] In 3 SIMPLE STEPS: How you get high-paying Clients without paying for ads or hard selling (involves copying & pasting our assets)...Click to view

[1.14.33] Simon explains exactly why you can get paid MONTHLY recurring income with our program...Click to view

Breakdown Of Special, One-Time Offer:

[1.16.50] Question: does this work anywhere in the world?Click to view

[1.17.45] Complete breakdown of what you’ll get and the total value...Click to view

[1.23.55] Why this is the best possible deal for anyone who watched the Masterclass...Click to view

[1.26.26] Discover the alternative option: ConvertoBot Professional...Click to view

[1.28.15] How ConvertoBot has changed the lives of our customers...Click to view

[1.32.09] Simon reveals the #1 Mistake people make when considering this offer...Click to view

[1.35.20] How much is this system actually worth to you? [MUST WATCH]Click to view

[1.37.05] Simon explains the difference between the Agency Plan and the Professional Plan...Click to view

Q&A Session:

[1.42.36] How long before I recoup my investment?

How many hours do I need to make this work?

I’m 53 with no technical background. Will this work for me?

Does the ConvertoBot software integrate with any app?

Will there be Masterclass training sessions?

Is there any industry this doesn’t work in?

How do I know what to charge when selling Bots?

How do I take payments?

Does ConvertoBot work with WhatsApp?

How does the customer get the data captured by a Bot?

How do I hide the ConvertoBot brand on the Bot? Is it a white label?

How do I provide support to customers?

Does the done-for-you Agency website support right-to-left languages like Arabic?

I’m already an Agency owner. Can I add the done-for-you website content to my current site? Can I change the colors etc?

Can I display Bots on a website at certain preset times?

How many customers am I allowed to create accounts for?

Can I build my own Bots with the ConvertoBot software and sell them?

Will there be a price increase?

How do we send the done-for-you sales messages to get clients? Email or Messenger?

Why are you doing this deal? When I sell bots does the ConvertoBot brand get exposure?

How do I send a demo of the Bots?

What if a prospect says we prefer real humans to answer questions from customers - not Bots?

Where do we show our pricing?

Can we change the content on the done-for-you Agency website?

Where is the Agency website and the Bots hosted?

Do you have a refund policy?

What if you don’t have the Bots I need?

Do I pay extra for the software?

Does this work with LinkedIn?

Can I sell your Bots in ANY country?

How much do I charge for a Bot?

I don’t have much traffic running to my site. Will the Professional Plan work for me?

Does the ConvertoBot software work on a Mac?

Can I create my own Bots with the software?

Do the Bots work with Amazon and eBay?

Do I still get the Agency website and bonuses with the Professional license?

Can the Bots be white labelled?

Will all of the Bots have demos?

Do the Bots integrate with ANY marketing tool?

Will the Bots work in ANY language?

I’m a newbie. Will this work for me? And do I need a website?

How do I get support?

I’m an affiliate marketer. Will this work for me?

Is my data safe?

Is this GDPR compliant?

Can I sell customer support Bots?

Will this work for ANY industry?

RECAP of the offer.

I got my first paying Bot client in under 72 hours and 3 more in the first 30 days. thanks to Simon’s Bots and strategies...

~ Colin Rogerson

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92% choose this option

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Need help? Email: [email protected]

Professional allows you to use our Bots on your own websites, Facebook Business Pages, and WhatsApp Business to generate more sales for your business.

You can also do that with Agency.

However, with Agency you also get a commercial license to sell our Bots for profit.

No, you don’t because. Our Bots are already done-for-you so there’s no coding or special tech skills needed.

Our fast-start course and step-by-step training shares the simple steps you need to copy to sell them.

We are here to support you along every step of the way with a full-time team who have many years of experience with our Bots.

We have people all over the world using ConvertoBot and loving it!

From Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, all over Europe, South America, Asia, and everywhere you can think of.

The best part is that our Bots work in any languages so you can choose to sell them in a local market.

Or you can sell them in any country you prefer.

For example, you might be based in Asia and want to sell to businesses in USA.

We understand that most people are very busy and have full time jobs, businesses, families, commutes and hardly any free time.

We designed this program so that you can work through them even if you’re hard pressed for time.

We have created a culture of progress inside the ConvertoBot family. To go at your own speed.

You can listen to the trainings while driving, while working out or even at your office with headphones in.

It doesn’t matter what your schedule is like. If you can set aside 2 hours a week, you’ll be able to work your way through it.

Even if you can’t start right away, reserve your spot and go at your own pace.

The training videos aren’t live, they’re pre-recorded and available online inside our training portal. You can login whenever you want, on your own time and schedule.

This program is different and the graduation rate is so high because we have the “magical 3” combo that no-one else has…

Rapidly Growing Niche

While the competition is focused on offering traditional services, we’ve identified a niche that’s rapidly growing.

Gartner, a leading analytics company, predict that within the next two years, 85% of businesses will be using Bots to interact with their customers.

But research shows that less than 5% of digital marketing agencies are offering Bot services right now.

That’s an enormous opportunity!

Tactics & Strategies

With Simon on your side, you have the internet’s best Bot consultant and strategist a message away.

He takes a hands-on role with each of his students and is highly accessible.

As a consultant, his role is to assess the Bot market and adapt his strategies as it evolves.

You get access to the very same Bots and strategies he uses on a daily basis.

World Class Support

A huge part of this program is done-for-you: the Bots, the website, the technology.

But you’ll also have world-class support from our entire team and mentorship from Simon.

You’ll get one-to-one success calls and group training sessions.

Inside of the training, you’ll learn exactly what you should and can charge your ideal clients! Once you watch the video training, you’ll feel massively confident about this objective moving forward.

If you don’t know him already, Simon’s one of the most down-to-earth and accessible consultants you’ll ever come across.

He’s been mentoring online for well over a decade and is obsessed about helping individuals unleash their true potential and take their business to the next level.

He’ll always go that extra mile to help you succeed.

No, there aren’t any upsells.

No you don’t. Simon’s strategies, as demonstrated in the Masterclass, are based on free traffic methods.

Anyone can implement these without having to pay an extra cent.

It’s not really expensive when you think of the service you’re investing in.

You’re getting valuable resources worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

On top of that you’re getting dedicated support to push you to succeed.

Then consider the potential return on your investment from just ONE client.

We have many clients who pay for our Bot services all year round.

But let’s imagine that you land only ONE client at $1,000/month*.

And that client sticks with the Bot you sold them, for 4 months.

That’s a return of 400% on your initial investment.

Compare that return to traditional investment markets, where even a return of 5-10% is considered to be good.

Since all new members get personal access to Simon, we have to closely monitor the numbers.

As much as we’d like to clone Simon into a Bot, we haven’t managed that yet!

So if you can see this page that means the deal is currently available.

However, it may close without notice and you may never see this deal again.

Absolute Satisfaction Warranty

We have a proven system with countless success stories.

However, if you’re still unsure about joining, we offer a 30-day money-back warranty.

Try the program and if you’re not happy with it, ask for a refund within 30 days. We’ll take care of it for you.